Plasti Dip is exploding in popularity with the tuner-car culture and even more and more jalopies are using it to cover their beat up clear coat.  Plasti Dip is like conventional spray paint but because it is rubber based it is able to be peel off once dry. If applied correctly it does not damage the underlying paint.
You do not need to sand the finish unless you have blemishes like peeling clear coat.  In which case a simple DA sand with 400 – 800 grit  is plenty good.
You can easily see why it has become so popular.
The guy who invented it is named Fonzie and his website is He not only can spray cars but he is a social media genius with a huge following on both YouTube and FaceBook.  Watching his tutorial videos can be addicting.  The majority of the reviews are super positive and further reason for his cult like following.
The product hit the market several years ago and he has continued to improve it and also has introduced a professional line called AutoFlex.
The product is expected to last several years with some basic care including washing it and spraying an easy to use detail type wax called Dip Coat™ Protective Spray.  You basically spray a little on and immediately rub it off using hardly any effort whatsoever.

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