We often get asked about what spray gun is best for a DIY painter.  Why spend $600 on a Sata 5000 when you can get a Harbor Freight spray gun.   It goes without saying that the greatest benefit to a Harbor Freight Paint Spray Gun is that it is cheap at $10 after the 20% off coupon they seem to offer constantly.  Some people do not bother to clean them and instead throw them away!
However the Harbor Freight spray gun does not offer the type pf performance a $500 gun does.  It does not atomize the paint like an expensive gun.  This might not matter when shooting primers or enamels but does make a huge difference when shooing clear.
When you shoot clear out of a $500 plus gun it looks like a mirror when finished and often does not need to be sanded.   When you spray the exact same paint out of the Harbor Freight Gun it leaves you with more orange peel than a case of oranges!
However, assuming you are OK sanding the clear using 1000, 1500 and then 2000 grit papers it comes out looking almost as good as the expensive gun.  Just make sure to add an extra coat of clear because you will definitely need to sand clear to get a good finish.

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