Want To Rent A Paint Booth?

1. Locate Paint Booth & Chose Tentative Date

2. Pay 15% Fully Refundable Deposit  (Money Back Guarantee*)

3. We Email You Contact Info of Paint Booth  – You Finalize Dates


Do You Have A Paint Booth To Rent?

We offer a simple way to connect with potential customers in your area and  allowing you to make some extra income from renting your paint booth.

1. Fill Out This Form

Add Paint Booth For Rent

Fill in as much info as you can and then we will get in touch with you for any other info we need including what you want to charge for hour (we suggest $25 with a 6 hour minimum).

2. Renters Contact You

Once a renter finds your paint booth listing on our site, he is required to pay us a 15% deposit on the rental (we keep the deposit).  Then our software automatically sends the renter your contact info including phone and address (hidden until we receive deposit).

3. You Get Paid In Cash

Once the renter gets a hold of you the two of you will finalize the arrangements including a date and time the renter can use the paint booth.  You are paid in cash when the renter shows up.

4. It Is That Simple!